Cashido, a well-reputed enterprise from Taiwan that focuses on computer accessories and the Ozone series of sterilization products, visited CI3 on 26th September 2016. They took a close look at the projects in our incubator and showed great interest in CI3’s service model and investing in the industrial setting of Changzhou.

20th September 2016, the Israeli Ambassador and Mr. Li (Deputy Mayor of Changzhou City), accompanied by governors and specialists from CIP visited CI3. They inspected the Israeli manufacturing workshops in the CI3 Incubator and other projects on the industrial park. In the meeting, the representatives from each enterprise informed the Israeli Ambassador of their employment, production, and market plans in China.

Fiber-Line, a well-reputed Dutch enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and coating of fibers, visited CI3 on 23rd September 2016. They opened a warehouse and sales office in Shanghai in 2014 and plan to set up a workshop in Changzhou as their manufacturing center in China this year. During their visiting, we presented our facilities, service scope, and professional team at CI3.

After 4 years of developing the CI3 Incubator, the import and export trading for our clients is now increasing at a rapid pace. Thus, CI3 worked with the famous German logistics company Schenker, to prepare a training course for our employees, so that they may gain a better understanding of the entire logistics procedures, latest Custom regulations and details of the current international business climate. We strive to provide the best professional service for our clients.

Recently, several grave safety accidents happened in China. CI3 worked with Fire Department, in the Wujin Ecomonic Zone, to prepare a great lecture aimed at improving all our employees’ fire safety awareness and highlight the importance of safety in the production plant. The trainer from the Fire Department also provided detailed instructions on how to rescue people and what effective actions we should take to reduce the occurrence of fires. 

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