Tuttnauer's distributor meeting was held at CI3 Changzhou on May 18th and 19th

From May 2017 18th to 19th, TUTTNAUER (CHANGZHOU) MEDICAL DEVICE CO.,LTD invited their distributors s from different regions (including Zhuhai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and so on)to meet at CI3 Changzhou with the support from CI3.

The main purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the communication between Tuttnauer and their distributors and also to support the distributors in terms of technical training and customer support. increase

Since the beginning of 2012, Tuttnauer set up their workshop at CI3 incubator Changzhou . CI3 helped Tuttnauer establish their workshop and employ skilled workers at the workshop, since then, CI3 was managing HRand finance related operations for Tuttnauer, whereas the technology and training of the workers were done by Tuttnauer Israel. Now CI3 and Tuttnauer are forming a good and successful cooperation. Recently, Tuttnauer Israel also asked CI3 to help them explore and manage the sales of their medical equipment. It is also a new challenge for CI3.

In order to make this meeting more effective, this meeting was divided into two parts: First was the management meeting;and the second was trainings for technicians. The schedule of the meeting mainly includes: the introduction of Tuttnauer's new products and launch plan, installation and trainings of products and answers to frequently asked questions, discussion on market management and development strategy and so on.

During the technical training, the atmosphere of communication was lively, and the technical problems in daily work were fully discussed and communicated. A technical representative from one dealer from Beijing said that the dealer meeting help them solve problems of installation and maintenance of some new products through the explanation and let them operate by themselves. They learned a lot from it. At the same time, the management meeting has also been held successfully. We locked in the second half of the market sales plan, and intends to cultivate potential dealers. CI3 hopes to have the opportunity to hold more meetings like this, so that partners will have more opportunities to learn and exchange opinions.

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