Management Students from TAFE Western, Australia visited CI3 Incubator

The management students from TAFE Western, Australia carried out their Business Management Outbound Mobility Program in China this July. They chose to visit CI3 incubator as an important part of their learning process for this program.

CI3 Incubator’s General Manager—Ray Wang showed them a tour inside the incubator where many industrial clients are already running and manufacturing in their workshops/factories. Later on, Ray gave them a comprehensive presentation on what an industrial incubator is and whom CI3 incubator serves. The group was so amazed by the concept of an industrial incubator and agreed that this is the efficient and cost-saving way for international industrial SEMs/ start-ups first operating and manufacturing in China. They will definitely share this model to their connections in the industrial sector in Australia and they really appreciated this great onsite learning day.


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