Fiber-Line decided to partner with CI3

After half a year of negotiations, Fiber-Line finally decided to partner with CI3 and build their factory at the Sino-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park in Jiangsu Changzhou Wujin Economic Development Zone.

In the next week, the contract is expected to be formally signed, and the WFOE will be completed within three months; scheduled for early April. Personnel recruitments will start by mid-April and the factory is expected to set up the production line and trial operation in early June, where the factory will soon after be formally put into production.

Fiber-Line is an innovative multinational company that manufactures and processes high Fiber material. From 1987 to now, the company has continuously grown. So far, the company has been involved in numerous fields, from fiber optic cables and synthetic materials to oil and gas. Their products include Ripcords, Water Blocking Fiber, Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Packing Yarn, Belt & Hose Reinforcement Fiber, Industrial Fabric, and Wire Harness Yarn.  

 At the start of 2016, Fiber-Line contacted CI3 and expressed their willingness to set up a factory in China. In 2016, Fiber-Line then visited the CI3 incubator base, to get a first-hand look at the incubator model and operations. It is not easy for a small and medium-sized foreign company to set up a factory in China. The establishment of the factory includes attaining not only a fixed rental space, which can be costly, but operating costs also can dramatically increase a company’s expenditure. Hiring a general manager, personnel manager, financial and other employees, can be expensive and time consuming. The CI3 business incubator provides a series of services to foreign manufacturers; including the factory set-up, human resources, storage, management support, IT, logistics, accounting, etc., which in this case perfectly met the needs of the Fiber-Line China factory and more importantly, cut their costs.

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