2017 International Graphene Innovation Conference was held in Changzhou

2017 International Graphene Innovation Conference (Changzhou) & Jiangsu, China- 2017 for Top Universities and Institutes on Graphene Technology Promotion was held in Changzhou Economic Development Zone. 

The elites in Graphene from both home and abroad all gathered in Changzhou to promote the innovation and development of the graphene industry.

The 2017 International Graphene Innovation Conference is a grand ceremony for Western Taihu Lake in Changzhou. Early in 2010, when two British scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the successful discovery of graphene, Changzhou began to focus on this cutting-edge technology, leading the field in its development. In 2011, it founded the Jiangnan Graphene Institute, as the first new R&D institute specializing in R&D and industrialization of graphene in the world. At present, Changzhou has attracted more than 100 enterprises related to graphene to the area, gaining the reputation of “China’s graphene refers to Jiangsu, and Jiangsu graphene refers to Changzhou”.

At present, the graphene town in Western Taihu Lake is selected on the list of the first provincial characteristic towns. The Jiangsu Graphene Innovation Center has successfully settled in Changzhou, where it has created a complete and effective innovation chain, industrial chain and service chain of graphene, being at the forefront of graphene industrialization in China.



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