Hanita acquired by Avery Dennison——expanding investment & building an independent factory and winning strong support from government

Hanita Coatings R.C.A Ltd, was founded in 1983 and its headquarters, production base and R&D center is located in the western of Galilee, Israel. 

The company has lots of high-tech products like window film, high-performance packing materials including High barrier laminate for VIP applications, label film materials, digital printing materials and so on.

Hanita wanted to develop its business in China and enter into the CI3 incubator in 2015. With CI3 it successfully avoided many risks that those building factories in China for the first time often face. Hanita started the production of its products and continued to develop well. 

In December 2016, Avery Dennison, began the process of acquiring Hanita Coatings. The closing of the deal was executed at the beginning of March 2017. Before the closing, Hanita Coatings decided to build a Production Plant in Changzhou on 26 acres of land because of its successful development in our incubator. Avery Dennison approved the project and also considering enlarging the plot area by taking an adjacent land of 40 acres.

CI3 introduced this project to the government with all the necessary details and coordinated with them. The Avery project won the support of the government and is now preparing its construction. This project will start construction in October 2017 and it is expected to commence its manufacturing operations in November 2018. This is also the first project to plan its independent factory in CI3.




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