Dr. Dana Sheffer from Israel Institute of Technology visited CI3

Dr. Dana Sheffer, executive director of Bronica Entrepreneurship Center, from the Israel Institute of Technology, a world renowned technology institute, recently visited China with the aim of searching for new partners here. The institute is looking for partners in order to proceed with their overseas innovation projects and start preparations for setting up a branch of the institute in Shantou, China.

After seeing CI3’s presentation of its history, service modules and case studies, Dr. Dana showed great interest in cooperating with CI3, to support their superior innovation and incubation projects and selection of suitable business partners’ to explore business in the Chinese market together. 

We hope the technology and science incubation achieved by Israel Institute of Technology, will be deeply rooted in the industrial land in China and flourish with the great industrial platform offered by CI3 incubator, in the near future.




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